Joys of June

by: Kate Cooper

Your local flower growers do have their favorites. But, like many parents with two or more kids, we may not want to say which one thrills us the most when it finally blooms in the field. Still, after the suspenseful progression of delicate May blooms (Bleeding Heart, Salvia and Siberian Iris) we can hardly wait for June’s larger and fuller perennials to arrive. Here are three June bloomers that make the heart beat a bit faster when I see the buds forming and coloring up… [Read More].

Penstemon grandiflora – for its impression height and ‘fill power’; the glorious jewel tones of blue-white-purple

Peony – for those plump round buds, the amazing symmetry of its petals as the flower opens; a color range of reds to white to pinks, blush and coral

Did you know most stems are picked in bud (;marshmallow stage’) and stored dry in a cooler until delivered? A day or two after peony stems are placed in water, the flowers will hydrate and bloom completely. Keep this in mind when ordering!

Astilbe Arendsii Gloria Purpurea
Astilbe –  for the almost fern-like spires and plumes in whites, pinks, reds and lavenders

Astilbes need plenty of early spring moisture to bloom; this year our farms received a good amount of rain in May (and June!), so the Astilbes are responding enthusiastically. Look for red & pink varieties now, and taller varieties – especially the lovely white ‘Bridal Veil’ in mid-to-late June. The season for Astilbe is barely three weeks, but what a joy they provide both to the grower and the designer!