Fair Field Flowers: Simply the best in local flowers

How Fresh?

At Fair Field Flowers, we are serious about fresh.  We cut your flowers when you need them, at the peak of their perfection, straight into water. No overnight trips in cardboard boxes, no long waits in the sun on airline loading docks, no fumigation, middlemen, brokers or consolidators.  In Wisconsin we know Fresh.

How Local?

Each flower we sell is from a plant we grow ourselves. Here. Just down the road. No fuel was burned jetting from Ecuador or Holland. No diesel consumed on the long, long haul from California or Florida. And everything is grown by folks with deep roots in the local economy and community. Local growers serving your local business, providing the freshest flowers and the best service. That’s what we mean by Local.

How Sustainable?


Our sustainable growing methods create the safest product for consumers, the healthiest conditions for our growers, and the gentlest use of our land. Instead of relying on chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, we implement crop rotations, selective cultivars, diverse cover crops, wild margins, compost-based fertilizers, and we closely monitor our crops. In addition, we use only organic inputs. That’s Sustainable.

Please note: we sell to qualified wholesale customers only